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Working with Society to Fight Threats: Crowdsource Intelligence as a Reference Tool

30.06.2022 | Emre ÇITAK


The diversification of threat sources and types has revealed the necessity of reconsidering national security assessments. Intelligence activities, which are the main reference power in the policy-making and security-providing processes of states, are also experiencing a transformation process in this context. In this transformation, it is observed that especially methods, stages, sources and targets of collection and analysis have diversified. In line with the understanding of "working with society for the benefit of society", crowdsourcing applications, which are currently used in many fields, have the potential to be used intensively in intelligence processes. Applying to the knowledge, skills, experience and resources of the crowd within the framework of joint work and sharing can provide many benefits. It has become possible to benefit from the "wisdom" of the crowds in a wide range from business management to election processes, from technology development to academic research. However, in a highly sensitive type of activity such as intelligence, involving outside people and resources in the process will bring with it various risks as well as its advantages. In this study, the use of crowdsourcing applications in intelligence processes such as collection and analysis are analyzed in various aspects. It is thought that the study will contribute to the field in terms of evaluating the participation of human groups in the intelligence world, which is confidential in nature, as an external resource in ensuring national security.

Key Words

Çıtak, E. (2022). Working with Society to Fight Threats: Crowdsource Intelligence as a Reference Tool. Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies, 1(1), pp.84-98, DOI: