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Operational Security Within The Framework of Social Media Intelligence

30.01.2024 | Erol Başaran BURAL


One of the most important dimensions of military operations is ensuring operational security. Operational security is based on the principle of detecting critical information regarding operations and protecting this information from the enemy. Today, critical information is largely obtained from open sources. The aim of this study is to explain that social media posts can be turned into social media intelligence by adversaries and threaten operational security. Social media posts that may lead to operational security violations were examined, and measures that could be taken were tried to be put forward in the study. Images, selfie photos, or videos shared on social media from the field of military operations can be turned into intelligence by our adversaries. Critical information shared on social media can negatively affect operational security and the execution of the operation and even cause military casualties. It is among the results of the study that critical information shared on social media should be handled not only in terms of collection but also in terms of countering intelligence. Proposals presented as a result of the study include providing in-service training to soldiers to prevent them from sharing posts that violate operational security, providing information by preparing brochures, and imposing legal sanctions against the share owners.

Key Words