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The Concept of Intelligence Activities

30.06.2022 | Ali Burak DARICILI


The definition of intelligence is made differently in the literature. Basically, these definitions point to the same things. The main points in question are shaped within the scope of the process of determining the intelligence needs of a target actor and target subject, collecting information from various sources, analyzing it and presenting it to the decision maker. This process also reveals the intelligence circle model defined with a classical approach. However, considering the usual activities of an intelligence service, it is seen that the definitions made in the literature regarding the concept of intelligence do not fully cover the nature of these activities. For this reason, while trying to define the concept of intelligence, it is necessary to evaluate the content of all activities performed by an intelligence service. In this context, in this study, the ordinary activities of an intelligence service within the scope of the official task definition of National Intelligence Organization (MIT), will be analyzed by making real examples. As a result of this analysis, the difference between the concepts of intelligence and intelligence activities will be revealed.

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Darıcılı, A.B. (2022). The Concept of Intelligence Activities. Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies, 1(1), pp. 1-22, DOI: