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Intelligence Studies in Higher Education: Models, Cases, Cirruculas

30.06.2023 | Serhat ERKMEN


Although intelligence activities have a long history, intelligence studies is a relatively new phenomenon. The literature on what intelligence includes and how it develops has been growing rapidly in the last few decades. However, one of the least noteworthy aspects of intelligence is how the person or institution carrying out the activity learns or teaches intelligence. This study will address this issue within the framework of two main research questions. The first question of the study examines the stages of intelligence education in the world and how it is done in its current form, while the second question studies the problem of what curricula should include in universities. As a result of the answers given to these two questions, the article argues that “intelligence education in a country should be organized in a gradual framework of cooperation between official and civilian institutions that can understand mutual needs. For the development of intelligence education, cooperation between civilian universities and the intelligence community should ensure the formation of training modules, curricula, workshops and periodicals; thus, an academic background should be created.

Key Words

Erkmen, S.A. (2023). Intelligence Studies in Higher Education: Models, Cases, Cirruculas. Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies, 2(2), pp.244-295, DOI: