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Interview With Peter Gill: Conceptual and Theoretical Work in Intelligence Studies is Very Important



Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies (İÇAD) is pleased to host an interview with Peter Gill. He has degrees in government and politics from the universities of London and Essex. His main career was in teaching, with an interlude when he acted as a research and information officer for the Merseyside Police Authority (1983-86). He was previously Professor of Politics and Security at Liverpool John Moores University and Research Professor in Intelligence Studies at the University of Salford. He wrote Policing Politics (Cass, 1994), Rounding Up the Usual Suspects (Ashgate, 2000), and Intelligence Governance and Democratization: A Comparative Analysis of the Limits of Reform (Routledge, 2016). He has also co-authored Intelligence in an Insecure World (3rd edition, Polity, 2018) and Democratization of Intelligence (Routledge, 2015). He has written over 40 articles for academic journals and contributed to workshops and seminars on intelligence and democracy in Argentina, Brazil, and Indonesia, as well as many East and Southeast European countries. His continuing work focuses on the organization, control, and oversight of police and security intelligence agencies. In 2022, the Intelligence Studies Section of the International Studies Association named him their Distinguished Scholar.

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