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Book Review: Transformation of Intelligence: The Theory of Rising Threat and Information Shocks

30.01.2024 | Mustafa Onat MENDİL


Ateş, A. (2023). Transformation of Intelligence, Increasing Threats and Informational Shocks Theory, Yeditepe Publishing House, 248 pages, ISBN 978-625-6777-31-6 Written by Dr.Ahmet Ateş. Book. It contains the Ateş's doctoral thesis in the USA. After his doctorate, Dr. Ateş also worked in the Presidency for a while. With the help of his bureaucratic experience, Ateş further developed his doctoral thesis and compiled it into a book, thus introducing it to the Turkish intelligence literature. In the book, the transformation experienced by the intelligence communities of three countries with different regime types in the face of information shocks and external and internal threats is analyzed comparatively with the Theory of Emerging Threats and Information Shocks, a theory developed by the author. In his book, Dr. Ateş examined the modeling, change and transformation of intelligence organizations and the legal/non-legal status of these processes, and carried out his work in the field of intelligence with the support of an extensive bibliography against the narrow and partially misleading information that dominates the literature.