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The Qualıtıes of Socıal Movement That Can Achieve Their Target and the Possible Roles Of Intelligence Organizatıons

30.01.2024 | Ömer Faruk ÇELİK


The end of the Cold War, social movements in which ethnic and religious differences played a dominant role continue to take place in different geographies under their own subjective conditions. In this context, the study asks: "What roles can intelligence agencies undertake in a social incident against the country's regime?" is looking for an answer to the question. However, since the study progresses on a complex subject such as social movements, it was deemed necessary to ask another question of secondary importance. In order to find helpful qualities in examining anti-regime social movements, the question "How does an anti-regime social movements achieve its goal?" The question was asked. With this question, it was aimed to examine the characteristics of social movements and the roles that intelligence organizations can play through the outputs that can be found. A compilation study was prepared using qualitative research methods. It has been seen that the choice of nonviolent struggle in social movements, the existence of an organized structure that manages the protests, the protests becoming massive, the security forces of the regime changing sides, the support of a foreign country, the forces supporting the regime starting to evaluate the proposals of the opponents, the protesters coming from different segments of the society, the struggle using more than one protest instrument. Issues such as its use are the factors that lead to success on an international scale. Following these findings, the study focused on the main question and examined the basic functions of intelligence agencies. It has been observed that intelligence agencies can directly intervene in the society's participation and continuity in protests through activities such as propaganda, disinformation, using agents of influence, and covert operations. After all these evaluations, the study ended by examining the concept of "hybrid warfare" in order to show concrete examples.

Key Words