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Intelligence Analysis in The Digital Era

30.01.2023 | M. Hayati TABAN , Emre AYDİLEK


Today, the world has its own global characteristics due to the threat climate, the size of the data, the variety of actors and the speed of change. Intelligence communities/institutions, whose main purpose is to contribute to the elimination of threats to the security of states and to eliminate uncertainties, are trying to cope with the effects of these factors. As one of the most important stages of the intelligence cycle, intelligence analysis is also reshaped according to these factors. From this point of view, this study focuses on intelligence analysis in the digital age. In this age the importance of open-source intelligence has increased cyber space has created new threats. These factors are considered to be effective in the transformation of intelligence analysis. Thus, intelligence analysis has included algorithms by considering these factors and needs to adapt itself to this period by supporting the human element with digital innovations.

Key Words

Taban, M.H. ve Aydilek, E. (2023). Intelligence Analysis in The Digital Era. Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies, 2(1), pp.39-67, DOI: