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Call for Papers

Two issues of Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies – İÇAD have been published. Although our Journal is still very young, it continues on its way with firm steps in making "Intelligence Studies" widespread in Türkiye. İÇAD continues its publication life as an academic publication platform that will only publish articles on “Intelligence Studies”. In this context, we thought that it would be more appropriate to evaluate a work on any subject published in the field of "Intelligence Studies" in Türkiye, rather than choosing a special theme for the third issue of İÇAD.

For this purpose, we have not determined a special theme for our third issue of İÇAD, which will be published in June 2023. We welcome your manuscripts under any of the following topics.

Submitting your manuscripts, which you will write within the framework of the following topics, by 01 May 2023 at the latest, will help us to put another brick in our effort to build a common platform in the field of intelligence studies.



Subject Headings

Intelligence and Intelligence Analysis Relation

History of Intelligence Analysis

Strategic Intelligence Analysis

Analysis in Military Intelligence

Traditional Methods in Intelligence Analysis

Structured Intelligence Analysis

Structured Intelligence Analysis Techniques/Methods

Analysis and Analyst Relation in Intelligence

Analyst's Qualifications

Policy Making Process and Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence Analysis and Statistics

Intelligence Analysis - Open Source Relation

Intelligence Analysis and Case Studies