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Call for Papers

The third issue of the Journal of Intelligence Research and Studies (İÇAD) has also been published. İÇAD continues its publication life as an academic publication platform that will only publish articles on "Intelligence Studies". In this context, in the fourth issue of İÇAD, works on different subjects in the field of "Intelligence" will be evaluated. We look forward to your studies.

Submitting your academic studies by December 1, 2023 at the latest, will help us prepare our İÇAD Journal.

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Subject Headings

Methodology in Intelligence Studies

Intelligence Analysis

National Security and intelligence

Covered Operations and Intelligence

History of Intelligence

Intelligence Theories

Foreign Intelligence Services

Special Intelligence Companies

Intelligence and Media

Strategic Intelligence

Military Intelligence

Cyber ​​Intelligence

Human Intelligence

Technical Intelligence

Open-Source Intelligence

Structured Intelligence and Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence Gathering Disciplines

Policy-Making Process and Intelligence

Intelligence Analysis and Statistics

Intelligence Analysis and Case Studies

Turkish Intelligence History